Work commenced on first open Australian payroll module for Odoo

One Click Software is pleased to announce that it has commenced work on the first open (and freely available) Australian payroll module for the Odoo business suite. While the module is only in preliminary stages of development and not ready for day-to-day use, One Click Software has uploaded its source code to github where it can be viewed and modified by anyone.

Tax tables will be easily updated in Odoo with the same terminology as used by the ATO.

Tax tables will be easily updated in Odoo with the same terminology as used by the ATO.

When completed, the Australian payroll module will be able to process the pay runs of Australian businesses in a reliable and efficient manner with complete support for the Australian taxation system and industrial relations regime.

Odoo is an open-source suite of integrated business applications which can be tailored to meet the needs of most businesses. One Click Software sees the software as filling a void in the market between small-business accounting packages such as MYOB and Xero and expensive ERP packages from SAP, Sage and Microsoft. Due to its open-source nature, Odoo is infinitely customisable. One Click Software sees the software as fulfilling a need for businesses who need more than a simple accounting package but can not justify the cost of an expensive ERP package.

One Click Software has already contributed to the Odoo project, releasing an Australian Chart of Accounts and list of Australian States and Territories which can be downloaded and installed by anyone for free. It has also developed an application to convert a MYOB Chart of Accounts to an Odoo Chart of Accounts.

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  1. Mark Jenson

    We have been looking at both OpenERP and WebERP for our transport business as we have outgrown MYOB.

    The one thing which turned us off OpenERP was it not having Australian payroll. We will be watching this development.

  2. Matteo


    I’m about to decide between OpenERP and WebERP as well and the Payroll Module is a must.

    Do you have any idea on when it will be available? It’s a matter of 3-4 months or can be a year time?


    1. admin

      Unfortunately we can’t give a firm timeframe on when we will have payroll for Odoo completed. I would like to say in the next few months, however it depends on how much development effort we can afford to put into it at the time.

  3. Glen

    This looks like an exciting new addition to Odoo. I would love to know how to extract the code into Odoo. I am only playing with the system at the moment but would really like to do more with it if it had Australian Payroll and Chat of Accounts.

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