cloudOne Click Software has experience in developing and customising web and cloud applications which meet your requirements. We have experience developing with PHP, Perl and Java using MySQL or PostgreSQL as the database backend.

What are web applications?

Web applications are applications which run in a web browser. They are hosted on a webserver either internally or externally to your organisation and use standard technologies. They free you from a particular platform – requiring you to have a device with a web browser and nothing else.

Web applications have the advantage of supporting simultaneous access to data, access to data externally and extensibility (using standard technologies they are easy to build upon).

What are cloud applications?

Cloud applications are very similar to web applications – however they aren’t always delivered through a web browser. Cloud applications are usually provided as a software-as-a-service package and delivered from infrastructure outside your organisation. They are managed by another party, significantly lowering the maintenance burden.

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