Conversion from MYOB to OpenERP made easier

MYOB2OpenERPOne Click Software sees OpenERP as an alternative to small business applications such as MYOB and capable of fulfilling a need for businesses needing more than a basic accounting package. OpenERP allows you to consolidate your critical business data into the one application instead of having multiple applications or systems to run your business.

Until now, changing from MYOB to OpenERP was onerous. We found that many of those who have changed to OpenERP were irritated at having to either re-key their Chart of Accounts into OpenERP or engaging someone to run Extract, Transform, Load software to transfer their charts.

One Click Software has made this process easier with the release of MYOB2OpenERP. With MYOB2OpenERP you can import your Chart of Accounts into OpenERP saving you the hassle of converting it manually.

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