Open Source

opensourceWhat is Open Source Software?

Open Source Software is software where the copyright holder licences it under a licence which allows it to be freely used, modified and shared.

Why Open Source?

Besides the software’s low price (usually free), Open Source Software has a number of other advantages for business due to its openness.

Because it is open you aren’t locked into a particular product or vendor for life. You (or your IT people) can see exactly how data is stored and know how it is worked with so at anytime you want to change products you can far easier than with proprietary software.

Open Source allows you to modify the software to suit your own individual needs. If an open source application can’t do something exactly the way you want it’s possible to modify it to work how you want.

This openness improves the software’s quality – the more people that can see the source code the more likely it is that problems will be picked up sooner than a product that only a handful of developers work on.

What does One Click Software do with Open Source?

One Click Software and it’s parent Carter Tech are strong supporters of Open Source Software, having been involved in:

Due to our strong affiliation with Open Source Software we are able to assist you in customising it to suit your individual requirements.